'Loving' Your Pet...Is What We Do 'Best'!
'Spoiled Rotten'

Shakespeare's Peanut Butter
Our most popular flavor!
Approved by all breeds, "PAWS UP" to be the BEST!

Ingredients: Whole Wheat Flour, Powdered Milk(Lactose Free), Peanut
Butter, Oatmeal, Molasses, Baking Powder and
'LOTS' of Love!
Item #: Groovy02
Item # :  SoH02
Item # :  Hide02
Item # : Party02
Item # : PP02
Item # : SpringB02
Sample Bags
(approx. 20 cookies per bag)
$2.00 each
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pictures to enlarge)
8oz. Bags
$ 7.00 each
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pictures to enlarge)
Item # : VDay 0810
Item #: Paws 0810
Item # : Easter 0810
Item # : Party 0810
16oz. Bags
(approx. 155 cookies)
$ 10.00 each
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pictures to enlarge
Item  # :VDay 1610
Item # : Easter 1610
Item # : Paws 1610
Item # : Party 1610
2006 the BEST year since we began!!

Help us make 2007 even better!
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"Louez" sent us this picture
to say "Thank You" for his
Christmas Goodies!
Our babies have had a very hard time chewing some treats that we purchased for them due to the size and the
small dog in mind. Our cookies are flat, thin and round in shape. Our best seller is our "Crunchy Crowns"
Made of all human ingredients, you can eat them yourself! (They are a bit bland for my taste however)

Give us your dogs name and we will personalize a special treat just for your baby! We have cheese & garlic
cookies, spice cookies, and candy!  Yes I said candy that is safe for your dog to eat!! Made of carob and white
drops. Don't forget your pet for Valentine's it  is right around the corner and who would dare to forget an Easter
bag for your pet, filled with cookies and candy just for them!!
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We offer a variety of hand painted gifts, such as placemats, flower pots, picture frames and
headstones for your pet. All of these items may be personalized with your pet's name.  For more
information on these products you may email us at
We will have to pictures to add shortly.