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Frequently Asked Questions
(The real truth between the two)
Education vs. No Education

Let's talk about what we think we know vs what we DON'T
know about getting a puppy?
We think it is okay to remove a puppy from it's mother when it is 6
weeks old. It is NOT!!! No matter what the breed.

Did you know that the larger the breed the shorter their

Or that the smaller the breed the longer it takes them to mature?
Do you know what either of those two statements mean in the
purchasing of a puppy?
Let's take a lab for example their life span is approximately 10 -12
years. Where a shih tzu's life span is approximately 15 - 18 years.
The lab pups mature much faster, they have large litters, they get
a lot more socialization because of all their brothers and sisters.
They are ready to leave mom at 8 weeks of age. Where a shih tzu
is slower to mature, has smaller litters, sometimes only one puppy.
That puppy will have to stay with it's mother for approximately
14 -16 weeks of age for the mother to adequately socialize that
pup. Most of the time there are a least 2 puppies and are usually
ready to leave mom at 12 weeks, but not a day before then.

Did you know that most so called breeders actually create
allergies in their puppies?  And here's the deal, if you ask the
owner of the litter, that question, I guarantee you the majority
can't answer it.  
We have all had dogs that have done so much chewing and licking
of their feet or scratching of their hind quarters that you could
scream. Guess what? In the Shih Tzu breed if you feed a puppy
anything besides it's mothers milk before 6 weeks of age they will
more likely than not have food allergies. They will lick their feet and
scratch their hind quarters and drive you crazy with the smacking.
You will spend a fortune at the vet's office just trying to get some
relief from the gnawing. If they can't have dog food until the
beginning of the 7th week of life, why are all these so-called
breeders taking them away from their mom's at 6 weeks of
age?The AKC American Shih Tzu Club (ASTC) states that a shih tzu
puppy may NOT be sold until they are 12 weeks of age. Yet every
day some so-called breeder will take that puppy away from it's
mother before mom has finished raising that baby. Then you get
puppies that may be overly timid, shakes, becomes a barker and
you wonder why? That is like us humans sending our 13 year old
kids out into the world to live on their own before we as parents
have finished raising them. That is not fair to the puppy or it's
mother. So the next time you want a small dog don't take it away
from it's mother until it is 12 weeks old.

How old is a puppy when their digestive system is actually
capable of handling dog food? How long should they stay on
their mother's milk?
Part of this we already answered. Their digestive system isn't
capable of handling dog food before they are 7 weeks old. They
need to stay on mom's teat until then. It is like us trying to feed a
4 month old baby table foods.

Do you want to know how to eliminate almost all personality
and behavioral issues before you ever get a puppy? The
answers are so simple that you as a consumer won't believe
what most so called breeders don't know. Because they don't
know they can't tell you!
The elimination of personality and behavorial issues is to leave
them with their mother until she has finished her mothering at 12
weeks of age. This is a vital part of a puppy's growth. And yet
every day some so-called breeder takes them away at 6 weeks of
age. How would you like it for someone to come and take your 13
year old away from you before you finished your parenting of that
child. You wouldn't like it at all, why? Because you and only you
would know when your child is ready to be an adult.

You need to have access to both parents!
You need to be able to see both parents to evaluate their actual
sizes that gives you a rough idea of approximately how big your
puppy will probably be. No guarantees on that but usually they
resemble one of their parents. You need to evaluate their
temperments. Are they friendly, aggressive, timid?

Find out how often a stud is used, if he has been used to produce
more than 3 litters a year, he should have a DNA certificate on file
with the AKC. My opinion is if your puppy doesn't come with AKC
papers you need to run the other way. If they are registered with
any other registry you should be asking what caused them to lose
the ability to register with the AKC.

This just covers a few important questions I have been asked
repeatedly. So I thought maybe if I put them on a FAQ it might
be useful in helping you finding a puppy.